'Best Of' Tools & Applications

Best Data Organizer


Airtable is like Excel but way more powerful and way easier to use. Tons of field types, including ways to connect fields between tables and calculate values.

Documentation is wonderful and easy to follow, and they have tools to get you started. They have native apps and a web app.

I haven't seen a competitor in this space that even remotely adds up to Airtable.

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Best Bookmark Manager


Raindrop lets you add bookmarks right from the browser. Lets you categorize and tag them. Customize with icons and colors.

App lets you visit the bookmark right in the application. Some sites have a read-only view. Website and native apps available.

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Best Email Marketing


Mailchimp has excellent tools for list management and a great interface for customizing their templates. It's also easy to create your own, including custom coded templates.

Their support has always been great, and they're really dedicated to providing the best tools to support your campaigns and only launch them when they're ready.

Honorable Mention: Active Campaign. I haven't had the chance to use this product extensively, but my first impressions are that it's a good tool to keep my eye on.

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Best Inbox Organizer


unroll.me is an app that you use to either unsubscribe from emails, keep emails coming to your inbox, or "roll up" the email into a single email that comes once a day (morning, afternoon, or evening).

This keeps the email noise to a minimum and lets you push all those emails you still want but don't need into one convenient email.

They do take data from your emails and sell it to other companies, but they don't compromise your emails or other personal data. I prefer an organized inbox over my anonymous data.

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Best Mileage Tracker

Stride Tax

The overall Stride company provides tools for health, dental, and vision insurance, but they also have a tracker that lets you input expenses and has a mileage tracker you can use for anything.

I find it helpful to track how many business miles I have driven. I haven't used it yet for expense tracking, but it's a great option to have. It's free and doesn't have any annoying ads.

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Best Time Management Tool


There are a lot of ways to track your time, but it's often nice to have a completely separate, dedicated resource for tracking time. This allows you track time for personal things, research, as well as work stuff without having to do any type of work-arounds like adding a client that is "Misc" or "Self".

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Honorable Mention: And Co. I use them for my invoicing and contracts, and it might end up being useful to track time using the same tool. I might end up with a use for both.

Why bother making another 'best of'?

As a web developer, I interact with tools every day that do all kinds of things. I try a lot of apps and programs for research and professional curiosity, and I can determine how easy they are to integrate with other programs.

These are products that I have love and use on an almost daily basis. Some involve your website and some don't, but it's all part of the same goal of finding more time to do other things, stopping repetative tasks, and improving organization.

How do you decide what's best?

To become the best in a category, the app or program has to score high in the following ways:

I may include affiliate links if I have them. You can also visit these companies directly. The most important goal is to develop an up-to-date list of resources.

Use something that's not on this list? Got something to suggest? Send me an email with your tools and suggestions!